Welcome to the Lightworkers Network

A Lightworker is someone who has multiple gifts and whose personal attributes lead them to making the world a better place. The quite achievers of personal growth and societal change, they toil in the background, focused on their mission. They tend to demonstrate abilities in a number of areas as well as making connections very easily and accurately. Because of their all-round abilities, Lightworkers are the most amazing people to connect with. They have a lower profile when compared with psychics because they are focused on you. One reason for this is because of their relentless focus on helping people on their path. They will not be swayed from their goal, for any reward other than the personal satisfaction of helping people to find their way. A hallmark of a Lightworker is sharing fantastic insights which leave their clients feeling better, and sometimes a little weepy. They receive messages in a number of ways that are meant to be important to the right person at the right time. These messages tend to be delivered in images, feelings, smells, and in a language that the reader uses every day. Personal voice aside, Lightworkers are always honest, ethical, kind and helpful no matter what the circumstances.