Guides are people who have been here, they have lived their lives and are now helping people from the other side. They are tasked with specific and overall care of the person in their charge. They can be called upon to assist in protection, connection and guidance.

Part of their job is to keep us on our path and help us help others. Your sprit guide is someone who you met before you started your current life, someone who you worked with to choose the general direction for your life. Your guides are not your direct family but can be part of your ancestry. You worked with them before you started your life and as a result they cannot be a member of your direct family. They do not dictate our journey and as a result they often find it challenging to watch what we are doing. The goal of your guides is to help you, prepare you and give you information and healing. They are supportive with no desire for repayment; no matter what your life choices are. They never need to be asked for help but you should always be humble and sincerely ask them for it. It’s nice at special times in your life to set an extra place at the table. To be acknowledged is the least that we can do for them.


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