Used in a holistic sense, healing refers to your overall wellbeing. It is not used as a medicinal term, but has a description of how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Building internal strength is important to the success of recovering from an illness. It is also important in the recovery of great emotional turmoil. Healing is something that is beneficial to us all and within your reach.

There are things that you can do to help with your personal healing. Spending time with loved ones is often a great way of giving yourself healing. Getting away from it all and visiting a special place is another. That feeling of recharging the batteries is a great sign that you have undergone healing in a spiritual and emotional sense. Another great source is that of your guides and angles.

Healers are all around us. They may be walking with you in sprit or passing you on the footpath. Be aware of that sensation that you feel better because you were in the presence of a healer.

PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual healing should never be a substitute for medical care or treatments. Healing works best when used in conjunction with medical treatment. Never accept the advice to stop a prescribed course of treatment


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